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Welcome to Jen Hawkins Revive

  • Are you someone who gives a lot to life?
  • Are you juggling a busy modern lifestyle?
  • Are you struggling to maintain a healthy balance?
  • Do you want to put something back for yourself?

 Jen Hawkins Revive - Aromatherapy for Life!

If we are out of balance our wellbeing is affected emotionally, physically and energetcially. Imbalances can be recognised by symptoms such as:

  • Burn out, exhaustion or fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Reproductive system imbalances affecting menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Mood swings.
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches


These symptoms are our body’s natural alarm system, a wake-up call that we are out of balance. If you don’t pay attention to the symptoms your body will find a way of stopping you. Maybe it already has...

Jen Hawkins Revive - Aromatherapy for Well-Being!It’s time to take responsibility for our wellbeing, to appreciate our wholeness, and the complexities of our being. It’s about recognising the symptoms as a call to look more closely at the terrain of our wellbeing. It’s about an approach that builds a strong foundation that fosters and maintains a natural healthy balance, nurturing and nourishing mind, body and spirit.

If you’re looking to take care of your wellbeing simply, effectively and naturally but you’re not sure how, or where to begin, Jen Hawkins offers you simple, natural solutions to discovering joy through wellbeing.

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I loved your workshop and was fascinated by the information you gave us. I would like to learn more and wondered if you could recommend any books/resources for beginners so I can find out more about... Read More

Thank you so much for a great treatment on Wednesday. I really enjoyed it. You will be glad to hear that my shoulder and neck are much more comfortable, so your massage was what they needed.

I've just had the most wonderful pregnancy massage with Jen Hawkins. The way she tuned into me and worked so gently and in all the right places with me. I already feel lighter, even my feet feel... Read More

Thanks for a lovely evening Jen, I love my bespoke essential oil roller!

Thank you for another fascinating and enlightening evening. I will try some of the oils for a variety of things at home with the family!
It made me smile when you were talking about farmers having... Read More

This is a well researched book that gives a serious look at alternative practices and the scientific reasons for the success of aromatherapy at different times of the year . Fascinating information... Read More

Thanks for inviting me, your gatherings are always thought provoking and soothing.

I so enjoyed the evening with you, it was great fun, and fascinating, many thanks

Thank you so much for being an inspirational guest speaker last week at Collaborative Networking. We loved what you told us and we're already putting the 5 things in to action ! Many thanks for... Read More

If you want a well written book, beautifully presented, that puts natural plant and herbal remedies and treatments into perspective then this is what Jen Hawkins has produced. Not only that, it... Read More

I have started reading Synergy of the Seasons and I am enjoying it very much. Learning a lot more about the celtic calendar, always interesting to read something by a local author and of course her... Read More

Deep gratitude for the lovely book Synergy of the Seasons. The book is full of ancient wisdom and we realise the modern world is not healthy.

Thank you for the link to the visualisation and many thanks for the lovely gathering; was good to meet and be reminded of the season, I do so love these meetings. I'm still blown away that those... Read More

Small group was nice, interactive and relaxed.”

Really enjoyed, good to gen up a bit today. Lovely treat. Thank you

Very relaxing. Informative day. Speaker well prepared, approachable and informed. Excellent. Really enjoyed. Thank you!

Thoroughly enjoyed it thank you.

10 out of 10, your passion shows, well delivered, very brill day- thank you

I was very pleased with the whole course. Jen is a lovely person and a very good teacher. I have learned a lot today, colleges don’t always have the time, Thank you,”

It was an excellent introduction and I now feel I can use my oils with confidence. It also introduced me to oils I didn’t know, but which I will want to use in the future,

A lovely introduction to a very wide subject – informative and interactive- a real education for the nose. I definitely want to go away and try some of the lovely combinations with my family

Practicalities well covered from many angles. Looking forward to more

Thank you for a very informative and practical course. I loved hearing about the history and ancient knowledge. Have a clear idea of what to do about any ailments I might have and how aromatherapy... Read More

Jen’s book “Synergy of the Seasons” is a very interesting read. It reveals the notion of working in harmony with the natural rhythms of our environment. The book encourages us to observe the... Read More

This book will be carried with me and referred to on a very regular basis. Easy to read, loads of great information on how to naturally tackle the body's response to most ailments. I love essential... Read More

Jen's knowledge of, and love for her subject shines through in this book. Loads of interesting information in a nice format, as clear information about the essential oils and their uses is... Read More

This is a lovely, well structured book which works with the seasons in order to reconnect us with the Earth and our sense of joy and well-being. It's the sort of resource book you'll want to dip into... Read More

Many may over-look this book because of assumptions made about it's content. This is an incredibly well written, practical book, based on years of experience and practise within the field. If you are... Read More

Wonderful, inspirational and amazing! Jen Hawkins manages to encapsulate health and well being with a joy to read book. Her obvious passion springs off the page and the has been written in such a way... Read More

At last, a down-to-earth guide on aromatherapy and how we can reconnect to the seasons. This is a well-researched book that is both accessible and practical, which I believe will be of interest to... Read More

I truly enjoyed the massage and found the whole process to be of benefit. Like I said, I don't often get given the chance to talk about me,Thank you for your warmth and professionalism. Like I said... Read More

A fascinating and well written book, by an enthusiastic author,which is a great read.
I love the idea of using essential oils for medical problems and for general well being and Synergy of the... Read More

I was looking for a way of slowing down and living in harmony with the world around me instead of fighting against it. Jen made me feel welcome and helped me understand the seasons impact on my life.... Read More

I was attracted to attending the gathering to learn more about aromatherapy oils and how to use them, also the fact that we could make a blend of our own. Jen is an experienced, informative and... Read More

I found the gathering very rewarding. It created the time and opportunity to think, reflect and express ourselves within a safe and calm environment. It was informative about the changing seasons and... Read More

I saw the poster and it struck a chord with me. I believe that on the whole we have lost touch with the natural world and with the natural rhythms of life and that we do ourselves a great deal of... Read More

Thank you for your email with some great links. Once again thank you for a lovely gathering event at O Joy last weekend, I really enjoyed it. I love the essential oil mix that we made too, I carry it... Read More

Thank you very much for the email & today's experience, enjoyed it very much. I'll add the date to my calendar and will be planting the bulbs soon!

I love your work on Imbolc and the like! So important in these days to help de-stress and restore when it is so easy to get depleted”.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to be kind to myself and start putting myself first. Part of this was to start having regular "body treats" and since I have met Jen from Revive and experienced... Read More

Excellent, professional and welcoming. I have been going to Revive for over a year now and cannot praise them highly enough. Jen Hawkins is kind and considerate and highly professional,I feel my... Read More

I always leave feeling relaxed, fulfilled and happy and helped. Not much more to say except fantastic.

Jen's book is a masterpiece, written with real heart and a joy to read...